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Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o.

Maintenance outsourcing

Maintenance outsourcing

The main strategic objective of Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. is to build by outsourcing services the network of companies performing services to Clients in terms of maintenance.

The way to achieve this is through the following forms of outsourcing maintenance:

  • acquisition of a separate part of the company,

  • purchase of shares in companies providing maintenance services at the Client,

  • building maintenance organization at the Client from scratch

Implementation of outsourcing maintenance is based on the following procedure:

Preliminary design includes the following actions:

  • Description of the project and verification of the feasibility of the general conditions of maintenance services at the Client
  • Defining the scope and wording of the tasks and objectives of the project
  • The selection of the project team (in the analysis phase and preparation of the concept)

Feasibility analysis of maintenance services:

  • Definition of Client’s objectives
  • Defining the areas to be investigated and the test parameters
  • Checking the factual condition(detailed audit) of selected areas
  • Risk analysis
  • Analysis and evaluation of the client’s technical and organizational data
  • Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses / SWOT analysis / of the organization

Preparation of the concept of service includes:

  • Description of technical audit results and feasibility analysis
  • Development of recommendations and measures to optimize maintenance
  • Valuation of the reported potential savings
  • Defining the possible options for the future organization
  • Qualitative assessment of the suitability and comparison of the economic effects of the above variants
  • Developing an action plan to implement maintenance services
  • Preparing a business proposal / commercial offer

The decision includes:

  • The presentation of audit results and recommendation of solutions
  • The presentation of business proposal / commercial offer
  • Negotiation and decision making by the Client
  • If the decision is positive it is followed by:
    - The joint decision on the legal framework of the individual providing the maintenance service
    - Defining the final scope of services
    - Contract development
    - The conclusion of multiannual contract for services

The provision and monitoring of services includes:

  • Mobilization phase
  • The acquisition of personnel and equipment
  • The launch of the contract
  • Transition phase
  • Target service phase