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Analysis, audits and maintenance consulting

Analysis, audits and maintenance consulting

Technical audit and the organization audit is run before maintenance services in the process of outsourcing or other services where it is necessary to refer to the technical condition of the equipment and organization of the client's company.

Technical audit should include at least the following aspects:

  • The assessment of the factual condition of operated machinery and equipment (detailed technical audit)
  • The valuation of the assets
  • Substantive analysis of resources
  • The analysis of information on maintenance, inspections, repairs, breakdowns and equipment maintenance
  • Technical analysis of production parameters
  • The evaluation of processes, including the maintenance process
  • Requirements for environmental protection
  • Risk analysis
  • The analysis and evaluation of production data (assumptions for the following years)
  • Preparing the profile of the strengths and weaknesses /SWOT analysis / of the organization from the technical side

The audit of an organization should include at least the following aspects:


  • Definition of Client’s objectives
  • Defining the areas to be investigated and the test parameters
  • Checking the factual condition (detailed audit)
    • Organization
    • The characteristics of fixed assets
    • Maintenance strategy
    • System of working orders
    • Places and organization of work
    • Warehouse management
    • Maintenance controlling
    • etc.
  • Preparing the profile of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization /SWOT analysis /

Example of comparison criteria and their evaluation for maintenance organizations using radar chart (bolded - potential improvements proposed after an audit):

Analysed fields:

A - Organizational structure
B - Human Resources
C - Fixed assets and equipment
D - MRP system and work orders
E - Planning the work and resources
F - Performance
G - Strategy and methodology maintenance services
H - Jobs and equipment
I - Chemical management
J - Subcontracting
K - Technical documentation and device history
L - Maintenance budget and controlling
M - Quality management
N - Safety and environmental management
O - Communications