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Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o.

Thermal diagnostics based on the infrared method

Thermal diagnostics based on the infrared method

We perform thermovision temperature measurements in power industry, electrical power engineering, industry and construction
We perform the following test:

  • pre-overhaul and acceptance tests of machines and equipment
  • chimneys
  • pipelines and heat distribution networks
  • thermal tests of power equipment 
  • 0.4 - 400 kV switchgear
  • high-voltage lines
  • condition of thermal insulation of buildings
  • specialized measurements including expertise of concrete chimneys

The main objectives of the thermographic diagnosis are:

  • recognition of the temperature field on the facility area
  • Discovery and classification of failures and overheats
  • pre-overhaul tests for determining the purpose and scope of overhaul
  • as-built test of the quality of the work completed to obtain a comparative thermal matrix of the facility

Advantages of thermovision method:

  • does not require shutdown of installation
  • tests are non-destructive
  • speed
  • traceability of facilities along with photo documentation
  • possibility to take photos from a helicopter or a plane

We have the measuring and control equipment:

  • thermal imaging cameras: FLIR ThermaCAM P-620 and AGEMA 470i
  • Qiucktemp 850 pyrometer
  • Temperature probe SKF ThermoMeter TMDT 1300
  • Solomat 510e meter equipped with temperature measurement probe, anemometer and hygrometer
  • Sony DCR-HC96E video camera