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Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o.

Specialized technical services

Specialized technical services

We offer:

  • inspection of confined and not easily accessible spaces by endoscopic method;
  • laser shaft alignment;
  • laser adjustment of flow systems and turbine bearing casings, pumps, etc.;
  • laser measurement of flatness, parallelism, linearity and thermal movements (including measuring the deflection of beams);
  • ultrasonic testing for leaks of closed systems;
  • balancing of rotors in own bearings;
  • development of individual repair technologies and regeneration welding of machine parts and equipment;
  • development of documentation in order to transfer equipment under technical supervision;
  • development of technical specifications, including quality requirements for the design, execution and acceptance of welded joints;
  • verification of design documentation for compliance with the technical acceptance and validation of welded joints;
  • acceptance of machinery, equipment and welded structures on behalf of the investor;
  • site supervision of welding operations.