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Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o.

BMC - Bilfinger Maintenance Concept

Bilfinger Maintenance Concept – first-class maintenance for your plants

As a leading industrial services provider, Bilfinger is the logical choice as maintenance partner for many well-known companies. To ensure that all customers can benefit equally from our services, we have brought together and carefully structured the comprehensive expertise we have gained over the course of several decades. The result is a concept that is unique in the industry: the Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC). This comprehensive approach is divided into 9 modules and is based on the experience and knowledge from more than 400 maintenance analyses as well as over 100 current partnership agreements. The concept is precisely tailored to the individual demands of the customer and follows two distinct objectives: Increasing the reliability of plants while simultaneously optimizing maintenance costs. Over a period of five years, the potential for cost reductions is as high as 40 percent while plant productivity can be increased by up to 10 percent under certain conditions.

The basic principle of the BMC is simple

We understand maintenance as an integrated link in the value chain and have several thousand engineers, technicians and skilled workers in this area. For the customer, this means comprehensive expertise combined with a high degree of flexibility, because at times when there are less maintenance or repair tasks to carry out, we can assign our employees to other orders and make fixed costs flexible. At the same time, our solutions ensure that the customer’s maintenance becomes intelligent. We are in a position to identify potential disruptions in advance, evaluate them from a risk perspective and to proactively initiate corresponding measures. This not only saves money but also time. Also playing into our hands in this regard is our expertise in the area of digital solutions. Thanks to the new technologies, possible defects can be predicted even easier and earlier. Within the BMC, there are also modules on safety and quality.

How to become a BMC partner

A BMC partnership starts with a Bilfinger Maintenance Analysis (BMA). This questionnaire-based analysis is the most important tool we have to identify possibilities for improvements. Interview partners are usually employees and senior managers from maintenance, procurement, engineering and production. We make the results available to our customers in the form of spider diagrams. These diagrams not only clearly highlight the potential for improvements; they can also be used to show the progress that can be achieved through application of the BMC. At the same time, we of course also undertake a monetary evaluation of the potentials.

BMC – 9 Modules

"The Bilfinger Maintenance Concept offers customers solutions with priorities that they can set themselves in line with their requirements. Ongoing development is part of this partnership-based concept. To this extent, the BMC is a milestone when it comes to establishing maintenance as an integral component of the value chain. We set ourselves this quality standard worldwide." 
Gerald Pilotto, Executive President E&M Continental Europe at Bilfinger