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Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o.

Workshop works

Workshop works

Workshop specializes in the manufacture, repair and rebuilding of equipment and in the production of spare parts and components by means of cold forming and machining.


  • Steel structures
  • Spare parts for power equipment
  • Piping components and elbows
  • Items requiring machining
  • Cold forming
  • We have machinery and qualified staff to perform operations such as:
    - cutting sheet metal on a guillotine: max. thickness - 13 mm, max. cutting length - 3000 mm
    - bending and tube forming hole Ø 47.5mm to Ø 108x8 mm on mechanical bender
    - folding sheets on three-roll mill: min. diameter of pipe winding - 360mm, max. thickness of sheet metal folding - 10mm

Fitter-welder works

  • performance of welded structures
  • welding with a coated electrodes, gas, argon and CO2
  • overlaying welding with coated electrodes, special powders (hot spraying), application of stellite and stellite-like coating

Machining on conventional machine tools

  • turning shafts: to Ø1100 mm, length 6000 mm
  • drilling up to Ø 60 mm, the radius of the hole spacing 2000 mm
  • milling up to: longitudinally to 1120 mm; lateral to 350 mm; vertically and 430 mm.
  • cylindrical grinding up to: 1000 mm at the lift of 150 mm between centres
  • surface grinding up to: longitudinally to 1000 mm and transversely up to 350 mm  

Regeneration and repair of components by welding and machining

  • Regeneration of units: gear, trays, scrapers, crushers and others
  • Regeneration of shaft necks (overlaying welding, bushing, turning)

Heat treatment

  • chamber volume of 500 mm x 350 mm x 900 mm